Residential Washing

The Best Choice in Exterior Home Washing

Is your roof or siding plagued by mildew, mold or fungus, stains, or moss? For all types of roofing, all types of siding, and other exteriors, Superior SoftWash leaves each an improved, intact, and sanitized surface. We use half as much water as power-washing, utilize only electric (no fossil fuels), and are quiet while leaving your home undamaged. An added bonus? Our process leaves your residential surfaces and materials with brighter, like-new colors by removing sun damage.


Most exterior “dirtiness” isn’t actually dirt, but organic growth. Soft-washing treats, kills, and removes organic growth, in contrast to power-washing which mows down the growth, only to have it regrow more quickly. Meaning? Soft-washing is safer, more effective, and lasts four times as long as power-washing.

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Commercial Soft Washing


We understand your desire to keep your building leased, and your tenants happy. Oftentimes, the focus is on the inside of a building while the outside can fall low on the totem pole, or you find yourself stretching your budget to maintain the pleasing aesthetics of a building’s exterior.

With Superior SoftWash, you can rest assured your property is vastly improved upon our departure compared to when we arrive. Our long-lasting process leaves no power washing stripes, no window seal damage, no water intrusion or stress to your joint compounds and expansions. Whether flat, PVC, TPO, asphalt shingle, or cedar shingle roofing, you can expect, and will find, beautifully sanitized roofing and exteriors with our soft wash.

We guarantee 100% no vegetation loss from treatment, specializing in properties that require special and sometimes delicate care.

Please contact us to schedule an on-site visit or demonstration and discuss your property needs!


Superior SoftWash uses an agricultural-style sprayer to gently apply a biocide cleaning solution, letting our environmentally responsible chemicals do the work. Applications provide the safest, longest-lasting means of washing all the exteriors of your home or commercial property—including roofs, siding, gutters, windows, patios and decks, fences, and more.

Biodegradable Products

Remarkable and Responsible water-based products you can trust

Our products are water-based, biodegradable, low or no VOC, and most importantly, effective. No fossil fuels are consumed during the cleaning process and you can feel good that you are employing a service that is better for the environment than common alternatives.

Biodegradable Products

Low Pressure. Only 45 PSI Electric Motors

Our applications use low or no pressure, and are safer for the surfaces or materials being washed—with no window and building seal damage!

Less is More


Superior SoftWash uses roughly half of the water power-washing does, meaning a lower cost and more environmentally friendly! Plus, our treatments are longer-lasting, lowering your lifetime cleaning costs and reducing maintenance occurrences over time.

Not Your Average Power Washer

Often Imitated, BUT Never Duplicated... SOFT WASH IS KING

We invest in our company to offer our clients the very best in services. Our professionals receive thorough (and ongoing) training, certification, and testing before being made available to come do work for you. Our chemicals are long-standing and have been specifically formulated to clean specific exteriors. We only select top-notch individuals for the Superior SoftWash family, ensuring they’re screened by Ask the Seal, verifying they pass multiple background checks, U.S. work eligibility, as well as drug testing. When you are seeking expertise and experience, look no further than Superior SoftWash.

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